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2 for £10 - Graphic Novel Bundle (Plagued and Laptop Guy)

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84 Page TPB

SICBA 2015 Award Winner for Best Comic and Best Artist

Written by Gary Chudleigh // Art & Colours by Tanya Roberts // Lettering by Colin Bell

The near future. Scotland has been left decimated by a plague that has swept the country. The scattered population struggle to survive from day to day. And the blame for this pandemic falls squarely on ‘witches’ - seemingly ordinary people with extra-ordinary powers- who are hunted down and forced to stand trial by government sanctioned witch-hunters.

Laptop Guy: Graphic Novel

88 Pages Full Colour. 

Writer: Jack Lothian // Artist: Sha Nazir // Lettering: Colin Bell
When fast food worker Sha blows his life savings on creating a comic called Laptop Guy, it’s a move that might not just cause his finances to crumble… but his entire world as well. A brand new full colour sitcomic extravaganza about work, friendship and glorious failure. Written by scriptwriter Jack Lothian (Shameless, Ashes to Ashes, Dr. Who) and with artwork by acclaimed designer and illustrator Sha Nazir.

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