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ROK OF THE REDS - 3 issues for £10

ROK OF THE REDS - 3 issues for £10 

Issue 1, 2 and 3

(6 Part Mini-series)
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Available now | 24 Pages 

Written by John Wagner & Alan A. Grant

Art by Dan Cornwell

Colours by Abigail Bulmer

Lettering by Jim Campbell

Industry legends John Wagner and Alan Grant (Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Judgement on Gotham, A History of Violence) team up once again to bring you Rok of the Reds alongside stunning art by Dan Cornwell.

Rok of the Reds is a six part series showing what happens when the lives of a dangerous intergalactic outlaw and an arrogant footballer collide. With his home world destroyed, Rok of Arkadi is on the run and needs a hiding place. And that hiding place happens to be troubled football star Kyle Dixon.

A black comedy about revenge, redemption and the ‘beautiful game’.

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